It’s groundhog day in the Motherload!

Monday, arrggghh. Return to work day, return to dishes and washing we ignored over the weekend. Return to the rhythms of lunches and commitments we don’t want to keep. Return to the empty nest, the unsupported quiet. Return to the never ending demands and pressure of incomplete tasks and unattended piles of unmet needs and a desert of dreams. Sound familiar?

Lets take a moment to chat, as the dishes are not going anywhere! The Mother load is a mental load, so how we are thinking and speaking about our load may reveal a secret and free us from our to do lists. Today is commonly referred to as Monday, however we all know that common sense, is not common and Monday, is another common but meaningless term. Why do we use words and labels to describe things that carry unhelpful or inaccurate intent. Consider these words, are you Gay? Joy-filled? Or just happy to see me? Perhaps some of you may be questioning the power of words and their impact on our lives. For instance, is there an actual benefits of changing (re-claiming) Monday & the other names of the Days on our Calendar?

Let me share what the dictionary says about the origins of the word monday. ‘Monday’; the second day of the week, following Sunday.

WOW, this is probably ONLY helpful to tourists visiting our country from a foreign speaking language. Is there REALLY no other reason to use this word so often, every week of your life other than to rightly state, it is the second day of the week NOT the first? On average, for an 82 year old woman, she will have experienced this day 4,524 times and probably referred to it approximately another 63,336 times. Hmmmm?

Seven years ago my life was destroyed in every area. I was alone & without support. I experienced homelessness while pregnant, owning no possessions at all, on the poverty line unable to feed myself and without a sane thought in my head. Today, on MANAGE Day, I reflect, realising back then, that I would not have easily acknowledged that the circumstances of my life during that season were co-created by me and my words.

It was a difficult pill to swallow that the lack of JOY in my home was somehow with my permission. That my inability to manage basic, repetitive tasks ( including putting nappies in the freezer – if I  had one ) was in part, wait for it because I SAID I couldn’t do it. In complete overwhelm, death-like sleep deprivation and ever present stress, I may not have seen so clearly, that I believed this was more complicated than I could handle. Indeed my words were recounting & announcing this every hour in ways like…

“Im exhausted and CAN’T go on”

“I don’t think this tunnel will ever come to an end”

“None of this is my choosing”

“Where on earth are the socks!”

Now in my life, what seams like decades later, it is a constant hourly reality that my words co-create my existence. So I choose to use them wisely to unleash power. Power to create what I value and help me remember who I truly am and remind others of the same. To live by consent requires active participatory choice. Speaking UP & Acting OUT. Firstly however, we need to observe, see and know what we are choosing, if we are to live with wisdom.

Living wisdom is the basis of launching your life from home. The foundation of living light, during the at home years. Then thats my goal, Living Wisdom!

Many of us feel the pursuit of wisdom is unobtainable and exhausting, prone to failure and full of self loathing. In truth ladies, it is available to us all, at the ready, right under our noses within the blink of an eye & all before lunch! We did not go through the experiences that have bought us to this moment & reading this words for no reason, we gathered wisdom.

So what does it look like to live by wise consent. For me, it is simply & with integrity….

To Do and Say the right thing,

At the right time,

For the right reason.

“Wisdom is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.”

As the CEO, Chief Executive Officer of my Home, I live with wisdom and declare, on Manageday ( previously known as Monday for those just joining the conversation )

“…that I move through my home with joy & manage tasks through play, Simplicity rewards me as I strip back. “

Your conscious mind receives thousands of pieces of information every moment and we typically delete all but 7 chunks at a time, able only to observe 7 pieces of the data in our environment. The feeling in our body, the light in the room, the words we are hearing and so on. However, your subconscious mind sees, experiences and knows all of the information, deleting nothing, therefore it, you, in your subconscious, see the problem, see the solution and see that it is already solved within the same moment.

Perhaps this beloved cartoon of our lives in the Motherload is perfect accurate however it is deeply lacking in solutions. Our experience of struggle is an experience of the length of time it takes to go back to the gift of knowing and experiencing the solution you prepared earlier for yourself. Did you get that? You left the gift of knowing it was sorted, all resolved and done to your deepest satisfaction back in your unconscious. The gift, the gift of the resolution to every struggle, the healing of every pain and remedy for the feeling of not being enough is waiting for you, you left it there knowing you would one day be ready to return and collect it.

Are you ready to manage your mind in order to manage your life?

Are you willing to reframe your experience of this area of your life, all the areas of your life, taking one at a time, to collect the storehouse of gifts you prepared earlier?

Why, you ask, it’s MY GAP YEAR , that’s why!