Of Women NEED to Return to work with inadequate Child Care available


FEAR Speaking Up in public or expressing their Voice, therefore living lives someone else designed


Partnerships are seperating in Conflict, raising children of the next generation in two divided HOMES


ONLY, of Mothers SPEND 20 min in focused play with each of their children in a day


De-stress for good!
Unleash the power of savvy decision making where no one is left disappointed.

march 4th 2018

Motherhood can be all consuming yet women who work are also consumed by the never ending pressure to be superwoman there too!

When we as mothers are flowing, everything around us flows as well. We can no longer accept that balance is hard to achieve or the proven steps to living without overwhelm are for someone else. Its time to decide how to make savvy decisions with clarity and take hold of success at home and in the marketplace.

This is relevant whether you are a start up business owner, an established entrepreneur or a stay-at-home mum ready to step out on your own and turn your passion into a profit.


YOU ARE INVITED TO OUR very special Pre – MOTHER’S DAY event, to invest in YOU…& RE-Treat Yourself

Which one is it for you, to be seen, to feel supported to to see your level of success?

ASk yourself…

Do I have spare fuel in my L.I.F.E. tank and an overflow of Ka$h fom my W.O.R.K.?

Am I sitting in the gas station on Route 66, waiting for a lift?

Isn’t it time to set my G.P.S. for real success in L.I.F.E. & W.O.R.K. ?

What I’m talking about is B.A.L.A.N.C.E.

JOIN US this Mothers Day & Re- member others you care about who might also be looking for like minded women, who are also committed to thriving in both their paid and unpaid W.O.R.K…..and bring them with you

Exclusive Retreats for Mothers in Paid & Unpaid W.O.R.K.

SAVVY Strategy Sessions ( 70 min )

You will receive life changing instruction to Enthuse, Encourage & Equip YOU to create an itinerary for a life of fulfilment & Balance across all the 7 seas we must travel. We begin with your own personal MAP of the areas in your life you desire to see transformed & implement the foundations and direction to finally experience what you deserve. MY GAP MONTH is delivered through Group Webinars & an online private hub, Load-lighteners & worksheets included. CLOSE the GAP Private Coaching involves minimum 6 sessions to overcome the limiting beliefs that are currently hidden & causing the overwhelm

HUSCK Catering

HUSCK chefs provide a unique approach to creative, caring & conscious catering. Ethically sourced, nutritionally sound and embracive of all dietary preferences, we tailor our hospitality to serve you ultimate experience. Renowned for the mastery of international cuisine, as you travel MY GAP Year you are tempted & delighted by the introduction of flavours and nourishing rituals from around the globe in a seamless & inviting way. Creative flair is the highlight of your experience with HUSCK translating all 6 senses into a holistic  fusion of mind body & soul.

RETREAT Accomodation

Travellers to The HELM are invited to transport themselves to another world where all of your hearts desires are aligned. Join us on this prestigious GAP adventure, travelling FIRST CLASS where you are our priority. Solo retreats ensure you know you have come home, to return to nature, to relax with humility into the expansive 180 degree views of the Dandynong Ranges from a private suite.  Be lured, step into full ownership of your life, revelling in the entitlement of a Goddess, deserving to be pampered, served & honoured.  Be seduced into the best escape of your life. You will return, fulfilled, focused and finally free.

As a mum to two small children and the director of Flourish Consulting, I attended Pru’s retreats with a view to carving out the space to reconnect with myself and meet other women who were on the same path as I was; many of whom were grappling with the same challenges around juggling various aspects of their lives. Pru is fabulous at building communities, where participants can share experiences and also be guided by Pru on a path of creating deeper connection and balance in their lives, whatever their situation.

Pru also provides great one-on-one support both in a retreat setting as well as in an online capacity, ensuring that each individual she works with receives support that is tailored to their specific situation. Through engaging with Pru, I feel an increased confidence finding the balance between my roles as a mother and business owner (and the juggle this requires) and a deeper self-acceptance when it comes to making the decisions required to put my own needs and well being front and centre when required.

Sarah Reece

Director, Flourish Consulting

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