My GAP Year is an opportunity to bring balance & fulfilment to all areas of the work-life juggle within the motherload.

Join us for the next of a series of eight luxury half-day retreats overlooking the Dandenong Ranges.

Reserve your seat for our LIFE WORK BAlLANCE Retreat & recieve access to our My GAP Year Program

2 parts to this exclusive experience 7 – 9pm Fri Oct 27th & 9 – 2.30pm Sat Oct 28th ( catered lunch included  – so bring a girlfriend who needs time out too… )


Of Women NEED to Return to work with inadequate Child Care available


FEAR Speaking Up in public or expressing their Voice, therefore living lives someone else designed


Partnerships are seperating in Conflict, raising children of the next generation in two divided HOMES


ONLY, of Mothers SPEND 20 min in focused play with each of their children in a day


THRIVE in Your Contribution

Birth your most Creative and Abundant self:
Unleash your creative wellspring and activate your life purpose.

july 30th 2017

Motherhood can be all consuming yet ensuring that we don’t put all our dreams, talents and creative gifts on the shelf is essential to our own wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of those around us. When we as mothers are flowing, everything around us flows as well.
This is relevant whether you are a stay-at-home mum or employed yet simply want more joy and creativity in your life, or whether you are ready to step out on your own and turn your passion into a profit.
You will be guided through the process of refining your life vision, honing in on your talents & tapping into your creative wellspring.
Discover the steps required to bring more vibrancy to your household and earn a living in a way that is more fulfilling and abundant than you ever dreamt possible for a flexible & secure future of freedom.


MAY 28

Bear WITNESS to Your Self

Untame Your Voice:
Speaking your truth with authenticity & conviction.

may 28th 2017

The reason many of us have become ‘good people’ is because we have learnt to soften ourselves and ‘tame’ aspects of voice in order to keep the peace. We tame the way we communicate in order to get along with others, respect our children and be diplomatic at work. But what if you went too far? What if you are living a version of yourself after years of being too tame in your expression. Never quite getting your needs met by your partner, finding it difficult to achieve instant connection with strangers or failing to nail that presentation at work (or avoiding it completely).

Some people are the opposite of being tame. Perhaps you have experienced grief, loss and trauma to the point where you no longer care about pleasing others, displaying diplomacy, or forming genuine intimacy. What about you? Where do you sit, stand, speak and dance on the sliding scale of being a ‘good person’. How richly are you engaging with your life and occupying your own space? Nathalie Brewer will help you become aware of your habitat and remove the bars you may have built around your enclosure and richly grow the substance of your interaction with the world around you. Join us to experience the ways you can express yourself, form instant rapport and reach beyond the boundaries that you have imposed. ‘Untame Your Voice’ is about living a life of engagement in proportion to the full strength of your nature.


How long since you paused to review your life & consider how you are travelling?

Is there an area in your life you dream to see Transformed?

What would it feel like to have BOTH Fulfilment & Balance in your life?

Are you ready to become the parent you always wanted to be?


You will receive life changing instruction to Enthuse, Encourage & Equip YOU to create an itinerary for a life of fulfilment & Balance across all the 7 seas we must travel. We begin with your own personal MAP of the areas in your life you desire to see transformed & implement the foundations and direction to finally experience what you deserve. MY GAP MONTH is delivered through Group Webinars & an online private hub, Load-lighteners & worksheets included. CLOSE the GAP Private Coaching involves minimum 6 sessions to overcome the limiting beliefs that are currently hidden & causing the overwhelm

HUSCK Catering

HUSCK chefs provide a unique approach to creative, caring & conscious catering. Ethically sourced, nutritionally sound and embracive of all dietary preferences, we tailor our hospitality to serve you ultimate experience. Renowned for the mastery of international cuisine, as you travel MY GAP Year you are tempted & delighted by the introduction of flavours and nourishing rituals from around the globe in a seamless & inviting way. Creative flair is the highlight of your experience with HUSCK translating all 6 senses into a holistic  fusion of mind body & soul.

RETREAT Accomodation

Travellers to The HELM are invited to transport themselves to another world where all of your hearts desires are aligned. Join us on this prestigious GAP adventure, travelling FIRST CLASS where you are our priority. Solo retreats ensure you know you have come home, to return to nature, to relax with humility into the expansive 180 degree views of the Dandynong Ranges from a private suite.  Be lured, step into full ownership of your life, revelling in the entitlement of a Goddess, deserving to be pampered, served & honoured.  Be seduced into the best escape of your life. You will return, fulfilled, focused and finally free.

SPA Immersion Journey

Anantaboga Intuitive bodywork – massage, based on Javanese Deep Tissue, Balinese Nurturing Relaxation, and native models of practice.

You will recieve a 5 hour Bodywork journey of Javanese Trigger Point release, Balinese Relaxation Massage, Polynesian Bodywork, Shiatsu & Fascia Release, Face & foot Reflexology. Your entire journey is with warm organic coconut oils, Hot towel massage and Mantra Blessing, Sound Healing & follwed by an Exotic Bathing experience of restorative coffee spa treatments & rose water.

Breathe, restore & be nurtured as we meet all your dietary needs

We spoil, pamper and treat you like a queen - you deserve it

We celebrate international cuisine from Japan to Chilli

Bringing women together, with someone else doing the cooking!

We cater to the highest standard because its for you!

We offer nutricious vegetarian options

You are a flash of light, make it count & be careful what you do in the lull…

– Pru Marie

Lighten your Load, one area at a time…

Sarah has worked as a facilitator, instructional designer, coach and performance consultant for nearly 2 decades. She has held senior learning and development roles working with ASX listed companies across multiple industry sectors and also has a background in marketing, having worked with some of Australia’s most iconic brands.

In addition to her corporate experience, Sarah is a qualified meditation teacher, an NLP practitioner and an accredited Ego State Therapist and works extensively in the personal development and wellness space. Amongst her greatest passions is working with women, regularly facilitating women’s circles and women’s retreats as well as ecstatic dance workshops. Her interests centre around mindfulness and meditation and the exploration of ancient wisdom and its integration into modern day life.

Sarah’s consulting business has been running successfully for nearly ten years and with another business targeting women on the fertility and motherhood path that is soon to be launched, Sarah understands the process of nurturing a creative passion into a successful business. She relishes the opportunity to mentor and guide other women on the same journey.

Tikal was brought up by the Javanese culture in which she was exposed to a fusion of traditions of Balinese Hinduism, Javanese animism, and an Islamic and Buddhist legacy left to the indigenous peoples of Java and throughout the the great archipelago of Indonesia by the early visitors and conquerers. In this mystical and multicultural upbringing as the daughter of a Sulawesian mother and expat father from France, Tikal absorbed the local Indonesian habits, from religions to cuisines, from the rituals of natural treatments such as Jamu medicinal brews to traditional massages such as Urut, and from an aptitude in adaptation skills of the mind, body and spirit.

A successful marriage between the islands of Java, Bali, Hawaii and New Zealand can be found in Tikal’s hands and technique.

Pru is a Motivational Speaker, ‘GAP Coach’, Trainer & herself a Mother of three. The founder of ’LiveByConsent’ a social enterprise for Women established in 2010.

Pru has worked with Women as a Creative Minister in Tasmanian and Victorian Women’s Jails and as an Inspirational speaker and performer within maximum security.  A member of the International Coaches Guild, an Accredited Professional Coach, her work guiding women through traumatic transitions in life has been established for over two decades using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Meta Dynamics & G.A.P. curriculum Pru developed & implemented training, sales, business inovation & self transformation systems for Jenny Craig Australia & Michael Hill Aus/NZ. She is currently writing her autobiographical work “The 11th Hour”, a story of overcoming & living with ultimate life balance to lighten the motherLOAD.

Dr Michelle Andrews, BA(HonsPsych) DEdPsych Melb MAPS MCEDP, has worked as a researcher, lecturer, and clinician in private practice, independent schools, government schools, and universities, including the University of Melbourne, Monash University, ACU, the Scots College, and Kambala.

Michelle is actively involved in the psychology community as a public speaker, mentor, and writer.

Michelle loves her work, and is deeply committed to helping parents raise confident, caring, and joyful children.

Michelle lives in the Dandenong Ranges with her husband and their three young children.

A feminist student of sociology and economics, Cindy is deeply interested in the intersection of sex and capitalism, particularly how our modern economies are reliant on and intensely protective of unpaid and underpaid labour. I explore how societal pressures and conditioning see that women continue to do the bulk of all emotional, domestic, and child and elder care, and how no matter the protestations and illusions of change we cannot shift this until our economic and social frameworks are not premised on the class of women being subjugated.

Nathalie Brewer (BA Hons Psychology) is the founder of Yellow Lantern & Lantern League. She has worked as a teacher of Group Counselling at Deakin University, with Life Be In It Australia, Westminster City Hall Education (London) and PAN International, specialising in designing programs in the area of childhood bullying & social behaviour. A public speaking coach, yoga teacher, marriage celebrant and mother, Nathalie is dedicated to bringing modern coaching methods to public speaking practices for kids.

“I believe public speaking is one of the most powerful pathways to high self-esteem. Yellow Lantern is about coaching a child to feel their internal light of confidence, how to own their unique personality and then how to speak from that place!”

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What Our Women are Saying about taking a GAP Year!

It’s a space where there are lots of benefits for myself & the advice I have received has caused my whole family to benefit, we are becoming masters of transitions.


Nutritionist & Mother of 3, The Nobel Nutritionist

My GAP Year changed my home completely from day to daysurvival mode to, wow, I can have some fun. I finally got some control, peace understanding & healing so its the difference to thriving or surviving.


Nursed in Afganistan Coach & Mum of 2

I’m recieving and I’m filing my cup. We get to another level, we are then sharing a meal and now we are family.


Spanish Educater & Mum of 2, Global Kids

I’ve already seen positive changes in myself & connections with other women. I found time to focus on myself which I desperately needed. The food is absolutely phenominal. you can tell the dedication of those putting it together with all dietary needs catered for.  I’m really excited about continuing my GAP year.


Pediatriacian & Mum of 2

It takes a village and for the first time, we lucky mums in the Hills have the chance to be a part of one! This is a unique opportunity to deeply connect as a woman and mother & have a positive influence in the lives of our children in their formative years.

I work with kids every day who shine when they are truly seen and it’s so exciting to see a heart based program where we can all be authentic, don’t miss this one!


Public Speaking Coach & Mum of 1, Yellow Lantern

It’s too important to miss this, it’s integral time to latch on to the support as we are the unpaid workforce & we carry the motherload. Its pretty logical to me that a GAP year needs to happen. The reason I really wanted to do a GAP year was to get together with women who were open to sharing.


Host & Mum of 2

Maybe it's YOUR Year to come & JOIN US - Hey Mum do YOU need a GAP Year?

You are here on this page because YOU asked yourself to bring YOU directly to what you most need. 

It’s never just curiosity, so trust that your internal radar has your deepest desires at heart and knows you, better than anyone…click here to reserve your seat & we willl meet you soon…live by consent!