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Thought Leadership: VISABILITY

BECOME A PROBLEM SOLVER – with the FIRST 7 SEAS MATRIX to make decisions logically not emotionally to , eliminating stress, removing procrastination and bringing clarity to ever anxious moment. Reinstall your motivation as a daily life force with in you.


BE AN OVERCOMER –  with the ONLY proven STRATEGIC SCOREBOARDS to guide where to invest your money & time in Life and at Work. Using simple business systems that guarantee success for everyone in business, for a 10,000 person company or 1 sole trader &  take the ickiness out of Sales and asking for the money!

Marketplace Cool: PRODUCTIVITY

DEVELOP YOUR INTERNAL RADAR – with the UNIQUE GAP Methods to grow you as an influencer in your life with your tribe & to become a magnet in the your marketplace with promotion savvy that sets you apart from the rest.


“So, if you find it hard to relate to the gradual decline in women’s happiness, if you always feel focused and successful, with plenty of energy and time, and what few doubts you have are quickly drowned out by the many moments of real fulfillment, well done to you.” Marcus Buckingham

you want more time with the kids without feeling distracted
you feel like you hardly know your partner or are in need of one
you want systems to make the juggle of your life easier and simpler
you have lost a sense of vitality in life and feel unclear of what would make you thrive
you were built to make an impact and look for refreshing ways to be discovered!
you’re not truly comfortable with sales and asking for the money, and your leaving profit on the table but not sure what to do?
you admire the level that other businesses reach and your finally ready to learn the absolute power of systems
you know that leadership mindset matters both at work and at home and there’s room for more mastery of your thought life.
Have a Rockstar Attitude
Value Personal Development
Invest in Professional Development
Seek to feel Alive & desire adventure
Are completely over living a small game
Are looking to enhance & expand your earning potential
Are genuinely interested in Growth
Want to improve you profile & transform your world
Are bravely committed to creating change
Want to get the best out of yourself
Are willing to accept guidance to gain your gaols and dreams


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“More than anything else, I believe it is our decisions, not the conditions of our lives that determine our destiny.” Anthony Robbins

‘Who you are deciding to be at home, equals your results in business’

– Pru Marie






As a mum to two small children and the director of Flourish Consulting, I attended Pru’s retreats with a view to carving out the space to reconnect with myself and meet other women who were on the same path as I was; many of whom were grappling with the same challenges around juggling various aspects of their lives. Pru is fabulous at building communities, where participants can share experiences and also be guided by Pru on a path of creating deeper connection and balance in their lives, whatever their situation.

Pru also provides great one-on-one support both in a retreat setting as well as in an online capacity, ensuring that each individual she works with receives support that is tailored to their specific situation. Through engaging with Pru, I feel an increased confidence finding the balance between my roles as a mother and business owner (and the juggle this requires) and a deeper self-acceptance when it comes to making the decisions required to put my own needs and well being front and centre when required.

Sarah Reece

Director, Flourish Consulting

It has been an honour and a privilege to work alongside Pru for almost a decade. Pru is a life-transforming speaker and an outstanding community builder. She has dedicated her life to helping others to create strong, secure and resilient families and communities. I applaud her for visionary approach and her ability to inspire.

Dr Michelle

Director, The Flouishing Child