Do you need a GAP year? What would that look like? Well, when we finish High School or University, we are often encouraged to take a GAP year to find out who we are and what we want from life or career. As we become adults, leaders in our homes, parents or entrepreneurs, we too have an idea of how things will turn out, so we work bloody hard at those dreams until we find ourselves exhausted and overwhelmed when it doesn't all go to plan. So what if the areas of your life ‘that stress you the most could be put on notice' and YOU entered a GAP Year! A year in review, to gather data, strip back, act out, speak up, say thanks & say Yes! Do you want to feel that unlimited freedom, all within the life your currently living? Of course you do and YOU could take a GAP Year too! What if it worked, to finally bring both balance & fulfilment to the most important areas of your life.


…because ordinary people deserve extra ordinary retreats

Grab a ticket & get on board for the most certain trip of your life, it’s YOUR destination…

Melbourne's premiere location, The HELM Retreat, Emerald VIC.

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Hey there, I believe you found your way here, because my life’s contribution is to help brave & willing people who are reading this, to close the GAP between who you say you want to be & who you are actually being.  So no more excuses,  ok, because you know you need a break from it all & it’s time for your GAP Year! You will be resourced in ways you have not experienced before while I host an experience, you cannot find anywhere else. Take a year, one in 75, take a year to realise YOU deserve an extra-ordinary life.

My GAP Year is a 12 month online program, exclusive live Retreats & group mentoring to enthuse, encourage & equip you to start thriving instead of striving. Our First class package also includes private GAP coaching for working women & entrepreneurs, delivering outstanding & lasting change using Meta Dynamics for permanent results, all while raising the next creative, resilient & peaceful generation. All live events are hosted at The HELM, my luxurious retreat in Emerald. What ever bought you herein this moment, I honour you for wanting something more…live by consent x

Pru Marie

Founder of social enterprise, Live by Consent: My GAP Year