How does hospitality work? It is kindness in welcoming strangers or guests, a receptiveness to those who walk through your door.

Simply, hospitality requires that your door is unlatched. However, if you are game enough to lead the procession with the offering of hospitality of kindness through the warmth of mother natures food, I assure you an unlatched door will become a revolving one. No one can resist the sweet aroma of custard covered bread and butter pudding, browning in the oven as they pass through your larder. A grown man will be unable to contain himself as the seasoned roast stands resting beside fluffy yet crispy potatoes. And NO child, even once approaching their teens will not pause by the cooling rack of still warm, baked goods awaiting the cookie jar. So do we understand the magic able to slay our hurried schedules with a freshly brewed ‘cuppa & cake’ if not, perhaps we could?

For generations communities have come together around food to bond, share stories and linger in one an others company. Its primal, honest & we willingly let others see our inner tonsils. Even Christmas feasts with the less favourite in our clan, are easier to stomach because of the food. All celebrations across time and culture are rooted to the processes and team work required to prepare nourishing delights. Amidst this ageless practise, is the reminder that our deepest traditions, rhythms & subsequent memories are connected to occasions of great hospitality through food. The romantic first date is remembered by what we consumed, the celebrations of childhood years, are marked by the extra-human late night efforts of our mothers to bake up an age appropriate ( & photo worthy ) momento of the day. Tireless couples have spent, lengthy hours taste selecting the perfect ingredients to mark their union. BIlls have been passed, Peace has been made & ultimately relationships have been forged across the table of plenty.

The invitation is to capture the magic of Hospitality through food. You see it causes us to open up our mouths and then stuff them full, which seams to be a great advancement when it comes to modern listening skills. Not to mention the benefit of niceties employed in, pass the salt & do you mind if I…? Children especially, who reside well in their body are blessed when a family creates a sacred & joyous space at meal time.It is the goal of HUSCK – ( Hospitality Us Community Kitchen ) to shower Us with “the Linger” that results from a satisfied body, seducing us to stay a while & rest before we move on.