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Your Change Agent – Pru Marie

Pru is a Motivational Speaker, ‘GAP Coach’, Trainer & herself a Mother of three.

She is the Founder of ’LiveByConsent’ a NFP organisation for Women & Children established in 2010. Reaching out to those who are marginalised & isolated, she developed a 12 month weekly program ‘Mum’s GAP Year’ and an intensive 30 day online service ‘My GAP Month’ launching February 2017.

Other initiatives include “Departure LOUNGE the Day of the Dead Festival” remembering those who’ve passed and those who’ve died in vain. Standing against Domestic Violence in Australia & Papua New Guinea, the festival fundraises to serve Women & Children in the prevention & recovery from abuse.

Pru has worked with Women as a Creative Minister in Tasmanian and Victorian Women’s Jails and as an Inspirational speaker and performer within maximum security.  A member of the International Coaches Guild, completing her masters as an Accredited Professional Coach, her work guiding women through traumatic transitions in life has been established for two decades using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

As a Change Agent and qualified Train the Trainer, Pru developed & implemented training and sales systems for Jenny Craig Australia & Michael Hill Aus/NZ. Thereby further resourcing her experience in adult training, team development & the design of of her own G.A.P. curriculum. She is currently writing her autobiographical work “The 11th Hour”, a story of overcoming whilst completing studies in Neuro Linguistic Programming & Meta Dynamics.

Beginning as a Theatre & Costume designer Pru has a flair for the dramatic. One of the founding Creative Directors & facilitators of (RAPA) Ranges Academy of Performing Arts, she leads TED-I talks, a multi media performance stage for youth who inspire & influence our generation.

“My gift is to see people not as they are but as who they were created to be. I live my passion daily, to release the potential in others from children in their formative years through to the Matriarchs from whom we have so much to learn.” Pru Marie


A feminist student of sociology and economics

deeply interested in the intersection of sex and capitalism, particularly how our modern economies are reliant on and intensely protective of unpaid and underpaid labour. I explore how societal pressures and conditioning see that women continue to do the bulk

of all emotional, domestic, and child and elder care, and how no matter the protestations and illusions of change we cannot shift this until our economic and social frameworks are not premised on the class of women being subjugated.

Late capitalism is like your love life: it looks a lot less bleak through an Instagram filter. The slow collapse of the social contract is the backdrop for a modern mania for clean eating, healthy living, personal productivity, and “radical self-love”—the insistence that, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, we can achieve a meaningful existence by maintaining a positive outlook, following our bliss, and doing a few hamstring stretches as the planet burns. The more frightening the economic outlook and the more floodwaters rise, the more the public conversation is turning toward individual fulfilment as if in a desperate attempt to make us feel like we still have some control over our lives.

FEMINIST MOTHERS AUSTRALIA; Closed Group hosted by Cindy Renate

My name is Dr Michelle Andrews, and I will be one of your guides during your GAP Year.

During our time together, I will offer you scientifically grounded tools, techniques, and suggestions to help you to create a calmer home, to enrich your connection with your child, and to nurture your child’s wellbeing.

I feel very privileged to be your guide, and to have the opportunity to work with you.

I can’t wait to meet you.

My warmest wishes,

Dr Michelle Andrews

BA(HonsPsych) DEdPsych Melb MAPS MCEDP
Educational and Developmental Psychologist



I am Pilar – a native speaker of both English and Spanish –originally from Chile. With over 20 years’ experience within the Early Childhood sector as a Kindergarten Inclusion Support Worker for Yooralla, a Movement Therapy Facilitator, Kindergarten Assistant with a Diploma of Early Childhood and more recently creator and founder of Global kids-Language and culture at Play, I am very confident that I am working in the sector that has THE most potential for shaping lives – the Early Childhood sector. Partnering with the HUBbub Children’s Program since 2013.

Global Kids – Language and Culture at Play brings benefits children by

Cognitive • The child’s brain is stimulated through learning a second language, which helps strengthen problem solving, puzzles, understanding greater concepts, reading, writing and mathematics.

Social • We equip all children to embrace diversity, acknowledging that cultural competence is larger than just ethnicity, customs or food. It underlies how we understand the world, and how it shapes our beliefs.

Emotional • Children learn to share their own languages and culture and embrace that of others. Boosting their confidence, sense of identity and Self-esteem.

• Through the use of creative arts therapy I will provide a safe space for women to feel connected, nurtured and have the time to reflect and explore their authentic self. 

• With gentleness, honesty and creativity  women will have the incredible space to give themselves love, acceptance, empowerment. This will be the start of a journey that will beautifully continue and grow throughout MGY. 

• For women to explore their own strengths and unique qualities and to find their voice and true intentions.


Melinda (Minnie)Zammit
Therapeutic creative counselling for kids, teens and parents.
Counsellor and Group Facilitator


Nerine Anne is the owner and teacher at Kia Kaha Yoga and Massage.

Nerine has been practicing yoga seriously for the last 8 years. She found it assisted with her journey into motherhood, giving her some peace and relaxation time on the mat, and within the yoga studio. Not only did it assist her mentally and emotionally in her transition into mothering 3 children under the age of 2; but it also helped her body to become strong and healthy, to keep up with the energy of her children.

Yoga is Nerine’s passion. It is her passion to make yoga accessible for every body. Including bodies that are affected by illness, trauma, injury. Yoga can assist with rehabilitation and can bring health and wellness for everybody.

Nerine Anne, the business owner, has over 10 years experience with massage therapy. We live in such a busy world these days, people don’t have the time to give back to themselves. An environment is created where, not only the body is enabled to relax and release but so is the mind.



Beautiful Mamas. My name is Fleassy Malay and I am super excited to be sharing my work on Courageous Living with you all over the next month. The incredible Pru Marie has got me involved to provide you with a special MGY opportunity to do the 30 day CourageouslyME journey together as an mgy sisterhood.

Courageously ME is a 30-day online Program to bust negative self-talk, rekindle your flames of self-worth and re-empower your life. Sign Up, Drop In and Shine again.

We have set up a special MGY round of this program just for you so you can journey together, with a weekly 15 Min live call from me on Wednesdays at 10am via Facebook group.

This program is designed for us mums so it a low time input high self rewards program.
For more details on the program see the website, however do not sign up through the site. Sign up by contacting Pru and she will organise through MGY at STEP TWO at

CourageouslyME is usually $85 for the 30 days but for MGY ladies we have made an extra special deal.
All mums travelling a GAP year get the program for $55 ( this includes Seeding families, Barter Memberships and Soul Sister Scholarships ) Members of MGY HUB who are a part of the stand alone workshop modules get it for $79, but we will all still participate as one group.

For more details see WWW.COURAGEOUSLY-ME.COM
Sign up through Pru Marie.

I look forward to journeying with you.




For more than a decade since her initiation into the art-forms of drumming and storytelling in West Africa, Djulz Chambers has been in dedicated service to the expansion of individuals via her unique application of both modalities. Soul Circles Drumming offers sessions based on the wisdom of the natural world, that are immensely successful in orientating individuals to their chosen path of healing and expression of their own unique creativity. They integrate universal wisdom referring us to our elemental bodies and to our relationships through a myriad of meditative exercises, and offer fully facilitated West-African inspired drumming arrangements that serve to activate each person’s intentions. These sessions provide a valuable complement to other modalities promoting personal growth and healing, as well as standing on their own in the interests of cultivating self-sovereignty and embodying ancestral wisdom.

Djulz Chambers

Soul Circles Drumming

  • An understanding of nourishing food(s)
  • How to simply prepare nourishing food for the family
  • How to create a wholesome pantry

Amanda Harvey, author and nutritionist, is a Mum to three year old Jasper, and newborn twins Sage and Willow. She has a love for food and nutrition and a desire to share both the most simple and appetising ways to nourish the body.

You are a flash of light, make it count & be careful what you do in the lull…

– Pru Marie

Mums Gap Year

Contact: Pru Marie

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