Mums Gap Year is YOUR time to look at the areas of your life, Self, Health, Wealth & Relationships, during 4 school terms,one month at a time.

Your kids enter our magical Hubbub kids program, running simultaneously, which means you get time out for YOU.

This is YOUR chance to create the life you really want & learn how to change your habits to get there.

You can start your GAP Year whenever you’re ready in 2017 – a HALF GAP YEAR intake is OPEN NOW. Can’t wait to meet YOU!

-Pru Marie

Mums GAP Year ( weekly ) HUB

THURSDAY 9.30 – 11.30pm then LUNCH, Exclusive to Emerald

Mums GAP Year is for ALL Mums… Older Mums, New Mums, Homeschool Mums, Un-school Mums, Un-vaccinating Mums, Wanna be Mums, Stressed-Out Mums, Single Mums, Foster Mums & Mums to others…THIS is Your GAP Year.

We cover 8 modules co-facilitated by a team of professional presenters. Run within school terms EVERY THURSDAY for 2 hours, at The HELM Retreat in Emerald, Victoria.

Mums GAP Year is a self transformation program, travelling together for a year. Families are also welcome to attend Mums GAP Year one Module at a time ( they are listed below ).

Throughout the four seasons Pru Marie, your MGY hostess, draws you into an experience of Community you cannot enjoy anywhere else.

Face-to-face inspirational weekly workshops.

Instructional workbooks & Load lighteners ( optional Homework )

Private Access to the members only FB online MGY HUB.

Educational webinars & pop up live motivational coaching

HUBbub Kids Program

– 7 seeds of a Flourishing Child

KIDS UNDER 7 –  experience the HUBbub Children’s program running simultaneously.

KIDS UNDER 2 –  or still feeding, they are beautifully catered to in the Mums GAP Room workshop space with you. separation is child-led as they are ready.

KIDS SCHOOL AGE –  YOU attend the Mums GAP Year weekly workshops without your children.

KIDS CARED FOR  – by another mother, you can nominate her to be responsible for them within the Hubbub program or.

IF YOU DON’t BRING KIDS – YOU can relax, revive, restore and renew yourself in the Mums GAP Year Workshop each week.

HUBbub team are qualified specialists in their fields & carry working with children’s checks.

Mums GAP Year is like “playgroup phase two”, we are families of children attending (under 7yrs) the MGY weekly workshops while Hubbub kids meet at the same time in the adjoining room, …Oh and then our HUSCK caterers feed us all lunch. It’s the highlight of my week.

-Pru Marie

We are all so excited about our HUBbub children’s program for kids 7 & under. The feedback we always receive is that there is nothing like HUBbub available anywhere else. We can’t wait to spread the word & arrive in your area, otherwise join us at The HELM Retreat. Currently we are based in Emerald and taking names on a waiting list for our next HUB to open. HUbbub is unique in that our team of children educators who normally deliver individual specialist programs around town, come together for the first time to deliver the 7 seeds of a Flourishing Child.

Our kids experience all the creative arts as therapies, music, art, movement & speech in order to assist children as they learn relating & interrelating skills. All of our weekly programs throughout the year are based in the soothing effects of Nature Immersion provided on our adventurous 3 acre property with 180 degree expansive views. As our HUB is fully catered we ensure our food is caring, conscious & nutritional & calming for the kids & catering to all dietary needs.

We are blessed to work with a ‘Child Whisperer’ who is always available in a one on one capacity to aid children through transitions and sensory or learning difficulties. Child led separation provides us with daily miracles in the lives of our kids.

HUBbub facilitators are the Aunties your children always love, they cuddle them, let them play in bare feet ( hats of course ) & even blow out the candles on real cakes when its time to celebrate. Hubbub runs on 3 acres of natural bushland to explore with manicured gardens and views for the mums to breathe in and relax. We are a parent attended program.

Pru Marie

Founder, Live By Consent



  • You will be receive directions to our venue on confirmation of your booking to ensure the privacy of our MGY community.
  • Our exclusive MY GAP YEAR RETREATS’ available last Sunday of each month for a luxurious & fully catered getaway at Melbourne’s premiere location,The HELM ( excluding school holidays ) mygapyear
  • MAKE a reservation to ‘MUMS GAP YEAR HUB’ for your FIRST TRIAL WEEK by a selected donation at STEP 2 below.
  • No further payment is required if you do not continue in our weekly HUB
  • All our programs are catered so email our HUSCK caterers with your dietary needs at
  • Launched July 1st our ‘MY GAP MONTH’ ONLINE INTENSIVE; a 30 day Bootcamp for lasting change is now NATION-WIDE
  • Private ‘GAP COACHING’ & FREE Strategy calls are accessible with founder, Pru Marie at youcanbookme


Follow the Simple STEPS below


STEP 1 – to LEARN more & book a 20 min FREE chat with Pru Marie

STEP 2 – to BOOK a 1 week trial of the HUB

STEP 3 – to RESERVE a seat at our THRIVE in your Contribution Retreat



The HELM Retreat is one of Melbourn’e premiere locations

ENJOY 180 degree views at our silent address.

Let others help carry the Motherload 



You are guaranteed safety & confidentiality within our HUB

We are a parent attended model with ‘child-led’ separation

Immunisation status is not required

HUBbub facilitators all have working with children’s checks



We Enthuse, Encourage & Equip women to live by consent & raise a peaceful, creative & resilient generation.

We value Willingness, Simplicity, Community, Opportunity, Influence, Serenity & Honesty

We invite women into hubs of belonging, motivating them to thrive & supporting them to let their lives from home take flight.

We are the most inspiring, inclusive & instructional community based model, together impacting isolation, mental illness and inequality in the home.

We create tribes of Brave women who live intentially for the prevention & recovery from violence, trauma, grief & loss.

….Travel within to create more warm, loving & peaceful connections with your children, with yourself & with the world around you. It’s My GAP Year, that’s Why!

It takes a village to share the motherload. For the first time, we lucky mums in the Hills, have the chance to be a part of one! This is an opportunity to get the support we all need as a woman and mother through MGY. it’s so exciting to see a heart based program where we can all be authentic, don’t miss this one!

I’ve never seen such a perfect program as Hubbub fro kids under 7 & I work with kids every day. MGY helps me become the mum I want to be & a positive influence in my home.

Nathalie Brewer

Founder, Yellow Lantern Public Speaking for kids

Pru Marie

Pru Marie

Founder of Live By Consent

LETS CHAT…call me, call me now!

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Women who treat themselves to our THRIVE in your Contribution Retreat on Sunday July 30th, receive delightful discounts to the following HALF ‘My GAP Year’ retreats as a Gift from us to YOU…

-Pru Marie

Mums Gap Year

Contact: Pru Marie